About Community Performing Arts

CPA Logo_color_hi-resIn 2003, Florrie Morgenstern decided to change the classical music landscape in South Florida. An avid concert-goer and musician, Florrie, along with her husband Seymour, were searching for a better way to enjoy classical and popular music—one that wasn’t prohibitively expensive, inconvenient, or lacking in quality.

Florrie began to shape her vision: a series of concerts, appealing and accessible to friends, neighbors, or anybody interested in experiencing world-class performances.

When Florrie and Seymour started pitching their idea to their friends, they were astounded by the enthusiastic response. They were also looking for a more intimate, convenient, and fun concert-going experience. They wanted what would soon become Community Performing Arts.

A successful entrepreneur her entire life, Florrie was uniquely cut out for the task of taking Community Performing Arts from concept to execution. Her passion for music, infectious energy, and determination all proved to be vital assets as she assumed the role of founder, creative director, and chief executive of this new endeavor.

With the unflagging support of Seymour and of many close friends and neighbors, Florrie soon became an expert at making deals without making compromises. She personally auditioned and hand-picked the very best musical acts, secured a state-of-the-art venue, and even made sure that each concert had free parking!

As it turned out, there was such a demand for Community Performing Arts that the very first series, with nearly 1500 tickets, completely sold out. With this momentum, Florrie and Seymour strapped in for a second season, and haven’t looked back since.

Today, Community Performing Arts is comprised of multiple series and brings world-class music to nearly 14,000 members of the greater Boca Raton community. Because of CPA’s rapid growth, Florrie’s son, Jeffrey, joined the family business and has taken on the role of executive director. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the personal touch that Florrie, Seymour, Jeff and their team bring to each and every concert. Although many members are attracted to CPA because of the great music, reasonable ticket prices, and convenient venues, it is CPA’s dedication to quality, commitment to its patrons, and remarkable ability to exceed expectations that keeps members coming back, season after season.