About Thinking Cap Theatre

ThinkingCap - stroke

MISSION: Founded in 2010, Thinking Cap Theatre (TCT) is a Fort Lauderdale-based theatre company devoted to presenting experimental, provocative, and socially-conscious plays.  TCT is also committed to presenting works that depict a range of identities more reflective of today’s society; to dismantling norms and stereotypes through non-reactionary, honest means; and to freshly presenting both well-known and rarely-staged classical plays.

VISION: Thinking Cap Theatre is driven to becoming one of the leading theatre companies in the South Florida region and a recognized creative home for new and emerging playwrights locally, nationally, and internationally.

OBJECTIVES: Thinking Cap Theatre is committed to

  • Bridging the gap between artistic experimentation and audience accessibility.
  • Creating a meaningful context for conversation between and among artists and audience members.
  • Promoting and presenting experimental and thought-provoking theatre.
  • Staging bold and innovative interpretations of classical plays.
  • Helping achieve the mission of the “50/50 in 2020 Project” (co-sponsored by the League of Professional Theatre Women, Women’s Project, and New Perspectives Theatre by equally programming works by women and men and by employing women directors and designers year-round.
  • Employing and fairly compensating professional artistic and management staff.
  • Serving as an educational resource for professional and non-professional artists and youth.
  • Developing community-based arts projects that reflect the diversity of South Florida.
  • Building relationships with other organizations in the community through creative partnerships.

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