About Entr’Acte Theatrix

We chose the name Entr’acte Theatrix because it is the music that begins the second act.  We consider ourselves a building block, or stepping stone, between The Palm Beach Principal Players, which is our non-profit, community theater level company, which I started 11 years ago, while my son was still in High School.  I came to realize that a small percentage of high school and college students in theater programs actually ever got “stage time.”  The Principal Players was begun to give performance opportunities to budding thespians, and to provide them with the opportunity to work with directors, choreographers, and actors outside of their school environment, usually for the first time.

Now, these teens have moved into adulthood, and are pursuing professional resume-building opportunities in our community.  Entr’acte Theatrix was formed to do just that.  Our company members, or as we call them, emerging artists, are now ready to take the next step, but with limited opportunities in South Florida to suit their particular demographic.  Entr’acte is a semi-professional company, which affords these young actors the opportunity to work with seasoned professional directors, choreographers, and musical directors, and supports them in beginning their professional careers with a solid base of work on their resumes, as well as the network and contacts our productions will offer them.  In addition, this is the first time that they are actually compensated for their work as actors.

Our choice of projects provide appropriate roles for the younger professional actor, and we attempt edgier works, and put a hip, new spin on the classics.  This corps of “emerging professional talent” will be the focus of the work the Entr’acte does.  Our hope, and our goal, is to bring musical theater, in our area, to a younger audience who will become the base of theater support in our community in the coming years.

Vicki Halmos – Founder – Entr’Acte Theatrix

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