About Steve Solomon

Copy of NEW_HEAD_JPG www.stevesolomoncomedy.com

Steve Solomon has headlined throughout the United States & Europe for over 20 years for comedy clubs, cruise lines, corporate conventions, comedy concerts and international television.

He has performed with such greats as George Carlin, Pat Cooper, Kenny Rogers, Dionne Warwick, Connie Stevens, Marvin Hamlisch, Betty Buckley, and Nell Carter. He has appeared on such networks as the BBC, CTV, and Comedy Central, and on such programs as America’s Funniest People and the television pilot for Boomers. He has also done commercial voice characterizations TV cartoon voices.

Steve‘s stories relate to the wacky side of the human condition. With over two hours of hysterical material, he combines comic voices, sound effects and astounding characters, bringing alive a myriad of people from all walks of life. Audiences around the globe have been delighted by Steve‘s comic storytelling and characterizations.


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