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Give Her A Voice:
Workshops to Evolve into a
Powerful Evening of Performances:
The Telling
to return in 2015

 Every woman holds within her a universe of visions, experiences, feelings, thoughts and beliefs that paints a story, evokes a voice from the depth of her soul. Marta Luzim – Founder and President, Give Her A Voice, Inc.

Broward County, FL July 1st, 2014

“Each women wants to hear her own voice, her own message, her own point of view of her personal world and the world around her, without shame, judgment, or rejection,” says Marta Luzim, founder and president of Give Her A Voice (GHAV), a 501c3 charitable, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to bring awareness of and transform the impact of trauma and abuse through storytelling and the creative arts. “GHAV is a voice for those women wanting to heal or are in the process of healing – and want to continue their recovery process through the creative arts.”

In April 2011, Give Her A Voice presented The Telling, a multi-media production of dance, monologue, music, and film that evolved from the histories and hearts of the women who participated. These ‘real life’ stories took shape in workshops run by Marta Luzim and Artistic Director Lara Luzim-Zaytsev, and the women who performed in them did so as part of their healing process.

Give Her A Voice is in the process of developing a second incarnation of The Telling, scheduled to be produced in 2015. The organization will hold workshops on two weekends in August, and is inviting women to join them in an inspirational, creative – and most importantly – safe environment wherein they will be able to share their stories in a community of support and acceptance. “There is a choice to be in The Telling…” Luzim explains, “And to learn to write, speak, dance, and film their story as part of a bigger production.

The first one-day Give Her A Voice Workshop will take place August 17th, and there will be a three day workshop the weekend of August 22- 24th. All women are invited to attend. Those participants who do not wish to perform in The Telling will have a safe space where they can experientially heal through different forms of art and movement such as script writing, journaling, music, poetry, monologues, dance, drawing, filming of oneself and story, group interaction, working with photos, songs, autobiographical timelines, primal scream, etc.

“All of these experiential/right hemispheric activities are to evoke healing, expression, creativity and the uniqueness of each participant,” explains Luzim. “A supportive community comes together for each woman to feel accepted, respected, and connected.”

The Telling will be directed by Marta Luzim, and directed and choreographed by Lara Luzim-Zaytsev of Break Through: Lara Luzim Dance.They will direct each participant to evoke performances that come from the raw emotion and memory of each participant’s authentic and unique experience.

Marta Luzim

Marta Luzim

Marta Luzim is a published author and artist. She holds an MS in Counseling Psychology and a BS in Education, and is a trained hypnotherapist, certified Metaphysician, emotional intuitive, Intimacy Trainer, emotional-body healer, certified Kaizen Creative Coach and Florida State Mediator. She has worked with women, families, and children for more than thirty five years to evoke healing through emotional, creative, spiritual and body expression. Her vision, and that of Give Her A Voice is to build national and global communities that educates, brings awareness and healing to trauma and abuse through The Telling.

Lara Luzim-Zaytsev

Lara Luzim-Zaytsev

Lara Luzim-Zaytsev is a New York City based dancer and teaching artist who has had the opportunityto work with a number of well known and talented choreographers and artists. She holds a B.F.A from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Through years of teaching and collaborating Lara has developed an intuitive ability to read bodies and the emotions they hold. Her passion in working with GHAV is to empower and inspire people to move through their emotions and her goal is to help people find their authentic voice and acceptance for their bodies and the stories they hold.

For more information about Give Her a Voice and/or The Telling, or to register for one of the GHAV workshops, contact Evelyn Park at evelyn@giveheravoice.org or 305-803-0972 or visit www.giveheravoice.org.   Participants can also register on line HERE. The public is welcome at both workshops.  

Give Her A Voice – Workshop Information:

One Day Workshop – $79
Sunday, August 17th from 11am- 3pm
Shall We Dance: 600 S Federal Hwy, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Weekend Workshop – $197
Friday, August 22nd from 5pm – 8pm
Saturday, August 23rd from 11am – 3pm
Sunday, August 24th from 11am – 3pm
ArtServe Fort Lauderdale:
1350 E Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

The Telling is for:

  • Artists and aspiring artists who want to weave art and healing with conscious intention
  • Women who have been through a recovery process and seek empowerment
  • Women who want to use their story of recovery to find their creative voice
  • Women artists, leaders, and trailblazers
  • Women who believe creativity is a spiritual path
  • Women who have the courage and compassion to be strong, expressive, vulnerable and imperfect
  • Women who want the support of a powerful community of women who speak their truth
  • Women who want to commit to making a difference in the world.

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