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Stage Door LogoA_Chorus_Line (Yellow)April 8 – May 17

“From the top: Five, Six, Seven, Eight…”
A Timeless Classic comes to Stage Door Theatre

April 1, 2015
Margate, FL: Stage Door Theatre will follow up their hit production of Cabaret with another classic musical. Their production of A Chorus Line will open April 8th and run through May 17th.

One of the longest running shows of all time, A Chorus Line evolved from several workshop sessions with Broadway dancers (known as ‘gypsies’) taped by choreographer Tony Stevens. The dancers’ frank discussions, admissions, and often painful revelations about their experiences, hopes, and dreams formed the basis of the play, which is set on a bare stage of an anonymous Broadway theatre during auditions for an upcoming musical. A Chorus Line provides a window to a backstage world most theatre patrons have no idea exists.

Initially directed and choreographed by the legendary Michael Bennett, A Chorus Line was a critical and box office hit; it received twelve Tony Award nominations, and won nine. It also was awarded the 1976 Pulitzer Prize for Drama. And a number of composer Marvin Hamlisch’s songs, including ‘What I Did for Love’, and ‘One’, became ‘pop’ as well as Broadway standards.

Kevin Black

Kevin Black

“I was 12. I had just starting taking dance classes,” explains the show’s director/choreographer Kevin Black. “My parents bought us tickets to a touring production of a show I had never heard of…A Chorus Line. As soon as I heard “5,6,7,8” and the lights revealed a stage full of dancers, well, I was mesmerized. This was me, this was my life. Nine years later I had the privilege of playing Mark for Jean Ann Ryan Productions, even if only as a two week replacement. And thus ends my Chorus Line story…until now. When Dee Bunn asked me if I’d like to direct A Chorus Line, I jumped on the chance. How could I not? This was my opportunity to revisit and old friend and it’s been very nice to become reacquainted.

“When I was offered the project my first immediate thought was “How could I possibly do this better than Michael Bennett?” he continues. “Well the answer was a resounding “I can’t!”. His brilliant staging, patterns, moods and even that iconic choreography were flawless. So, rather than reinvent the wheel, I decided to spruce it up a bit, put some of my touches on it and let this brilliant piece of theatre speak for itself. And just like an old friend that you haven’t seen in years, the reunion has been nothing short of fantastic.”

Black has assembled a talented cast to populate the Stage Door ‘line’:

Ronen Bay, fresh off his critically praised role as the Emcee in Stage Door’s recent production of Cabaret says: “I’m thrilled to have had the privilege to perform this spectacular show now twice – and what a beautiful show it is. It has so much heart – it’s not only the amount of talent on the stage, but the realness of it all. The auditioning process, the competition, the heartaches, and that glorious moment when you book a show.”

Shenise Nunez, who was recently seen in Stage Door’s hit I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change will play Diana Morales in the show agrees: “This show has so much heart,” she says. “It’s not only the amount of talent on the stage, but the realness of it all. The auditioning process, the competition, the heartaches, and that glorious moment when you book a show. It’s all there. I’ve played Maggie in this show, and having a chance to play Diana… It’s all I could have ever dreamed of. Diana’s character is talented, smart, tough, and stubborn, but she has one of the biggest hearts on the line.”

Other cast members include Brooke Martino as Sheila, Andy Fiacco as Zach, John Dempsey as Bobby, Hugo E. Moreno as Larry, Kayley Stevens as Cassie, Emily Tarallo as Lois, Mike Wallace as Frank, Kara Krichman as Val, Alexandra Dow as Vicki, and Keagan Tanner Cerny as Mark.   Chrissi Ardito will work with Kevin Black on the choreography.

A Chorus Line will run from April 8 – May 17 at Stage Door Theatre in Margate. The theatre is located at 8036 Sample Road, in Coral Springs.

Tickets for A Chorus Line are $38 – $42; $16 student tickets are also available. Tickets may be purchased at the Broward Stage Door Theatre box office at 954-344-7765 or on line at http://www.stagedoorfl.org.

For more information about A Chorus Line and/or Stage Door Theatre, please visit www.stagedoorfl.org , or contact Derelle Bunn Executive Producer/Artistic Director, at DerelleBunn@yahoo.com / 954-344-7765 or Carol Kassie (ckassie@gmail.com / 561-445-9244).

A Chorus Line
Music: Marvin Hamlisch
Lyrics: Edward Kleban
Book: James Kirkwood Jr. and Nicholas Dante
April 8 – May 17
Tickets: $38 – $42
Phone: 954-344-7765
Wednesday, Saturday, & Sunday at 2 pm,
Friday & Saturday at 8 pm
The Broward Stage Door Theatre
8036 W Sample Rd
Margate, Fl 33065
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Classic Quotes from A Chorus Line:

Zach: Tell me about the Bronx.
Diana: What’s to tell about the Bronx? It’s uptown and to the right.

Zach: What made you start dancing?
Diana: Who knows? I’m Puerto Rican. We jump around a lot.

Larry: Don’t you know the combination, Sheila?
Sheila: I knew it when I was in front!

Bobby: I couldn’t catch a ball if it had Elmer’s Glue on it. And wouldn’t my father have to be this big ex-football hero. Well, he was so humiliated, he didn’t know what to tell his friends, so he told them all I had Polio. On Father’s Day, I used to limp for him.

Bobby: I was always thinking up these spectacular ways how to kill myself. But then I realized – to commit suicide in Buffalo is redundant.

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