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Playhouse Productions at the PGA Arts Center
Sandy Gelfound
The Kosher Cheerleader:
A Truish, Jewish Love Story

August 3 – 27

A former NFL Raiders Cheerleader’s journey to Jewish Orthodoxy… and beyond.

July 18, 2017:
PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL:  Sandy Gelfound’s life story is a fascinating tale filled with love, laughter… and cheerleading.  Beginning August 3rd, the multi-talented comedienne, raconteur, and former NFL Raider cheerleader will spend four weeks at the PGA Arts Center performing her one person show, The Kosher Cheerleader.  The production will run through August 27th

Gelfound, who has performed stand-up alongside the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno, tap dances, pom-pom waves, eats, shops, writes, and cartwheels through her life’s journey, which begins with her father – a Borscht Belt performer, who was a Jewish atheist: “He knew he was one of the Chosen People, he just didn’t know by Whom,” she explained recently; and her mother, a Russian Orthodox gypsy flamenco dancer who taught her to play the castanets.  “Theirs was like a marriage between Carmen Miranda and Jackie Mason,” she has said.

Gelfound spent five years as a Raiderette, travelling with the team, and making an impressive $35 per game: “I loved being an NFL Cheerleader,” she says, “But my Jewish grandmother didn’t understand my excitement. “It’s the Raiders, Grandma – I get to cheer for the team – I get to go to the game”.  And she said, “Other people go to the game. The owner’s wife, that’s a job for a Jewish girl!”

Born with a hole in her heart, Sandy Gelfound’s childhood was filled with drama and trauma. Her decision to write, and subsequently perform her story “Came to me during my morning meditation,” she explains.  “The next thing I know I have a clothesline in my kitchen, pinning up and arranging the order of the scenes to a play about my life.  I wanted to share with the world my story…. hoping I can give some experience, strength, hope, and lots of laughter to anyone who is overcoming any hardships.

“In Judaism the Rabbi’s say, “Gams zu la tova” – everything is for the good,” she continues. “I was born with a hole in my heart. How can that be good?  Well after many years the doctors have finally said that nothing needs to be fixed…the hole never grew bigger…only my heart did!”

Tickets for The Kosher Cheerleader are on sale now, and can be purchased on line at www.pgaartscenter.com or by calling 1-855-448-7469.  For group sales (12+), call 888-264-1788. Ticket prices range from $45-$59.

The PGA Arts Center is located at 4076 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410.  Ample parking is available within close proximity to the theatre.

For more information about The Kosher Cheerleader, Sandy Gelfound and/or Playhouse Productions at the PGA Arts Center please contact Carol Kassie at carol@carolkassie.com at 561-445-9244.

The Kosher Cheerleader
August 3 – 27, 2017
By Sandy Gelfound
Tickets:  $45 – $59
Tickets:  1-855-448-7469 / www.pgaartscenter.com
Group Sales: 1-888-264-1788
Thursday, Saturday, Sunday: 2 pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday:  7:30 pm
PGA Arts Center
4076 PGA Boulevard
Palm Beach Gardens, FL  33410
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Directions to the PGA Arts Center:
On PGA Blvd heading East, (& RCA Blvd) take first right at Shell Gas Station, and then take the 2nd right into the shopping center driveway. The theater is on the left. Formerly the Cinema 6 Movie Theater inside the former Loehmann’s Plaza. This is less than 1/4 mile off of the PGA Blvd. Exit of 95 North.

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