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The Marilyn Monroe Story In Her Own Words and Music
Starring Sunny Thompson as Marilyn Monroe
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Sunny Thompson’s dazzling performance is nothing short of a beautifully astute, highly credible portrait that honors the film and pop icon’s timeless legacy with captivating pull.”  ~Dayton City Paper

Blue Robe hirezA photo shoot in the summer of 1962. As screen icon Marilyn Monroe poses for her photographer she finds herself wondering what it might be like if she had it to do all over again.  In Marilyn: Forever Blonde, the legendary actress reveals much of what we know – but even more about what we don’t know – of the roller coaster ride she took from the orphanage to the silver screen.  It is a fascinating and provocative journey.

The Boca Raton Theatre Guild will present Marilyn: Forever Blonde at the Township Center for the Performing Arts in Coconut Creek from November 21st – December 1st, and at the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center’s Studio Theatre from January 9th – 11th.  The production is part of the BRTG’s recently announced extended season.

Marilyn: Forever Blonde, stars acclaimed actress Sunny Thompson, and _DSC0420has won a dozen major awards including “Best Special Theatrical Event of the Year,”  “Best Leading Actress in a Play,” “One of the Year’s Top Ten Productions” and “Best Touring Production”.  It has played throughout the United States, as well as in Canada, England and New Zealand. Critics have consistently and unanimously praised Thompson’s compelling and nuanced performance as Marilyn.

_DSC0573 Diamonds hi-rezPlaywright Greg Thompson painstakingly researched all aspects of Monroe’s life – all the words spoken in the play have been documented as being Marilyn’s own.  Marilyn: Forever Blonde features 17 songs by some of the greatest songwriters in show business; Irving Berlin, Harold Arlen, and Johnny Mercer are all represented, and Monroe performed each of the musical numbers featured in the production in her films. The music is has been carefully selected to help tell Marilyn’s story – a life of dreams and make-believe that catapulted her to the stars and ultimately found her crashing down to Earth – remaining in our memories forever.

Marilyn: Forever Blonde is directed by Stephanie Shine, Artistic Director of the Memphis Shakespeare Company.  The play was written by Greg Thompson, who has produced dozens of award-winning shows throughout the world.

The play languished on the shelf for more than a dozen years before Thompson found the right actress to play the part. “I found Marilyn Monroe impersonators who couldn’t act, and many wonderful actresses who just didn’t seem to give off the sexual playfulness of Monroe,” says Thompson.  “I didn’t even think of Sunny as Marilyn until she put on a Marilyn styled wig to do a parody in her stage show.”

But Thompson turned the offer down, explaining that no woman should ever have to be compared with Marilyn Monroe.  However after two years of ‘nagging’ Thompson finally got his way.  “It took nearly 15 years to make it happen,” he says.  “If I’d had to wait another 15 years I’m afraid I might have forgotten what it was about Marilyn Monroe that turned me on in the first place!”

Tickets for Marilyn: Forever Blonde are on sale now.  Tickets for the Township Center for the Performing Arts production can be purchased by calling 954-970-0606.  Tickets for the Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center production can be purchased on line at www.brtg.org or by calling 866-811-4111.  Performance days, dates, and times are listed below.

For more information about Marilyn: Forever Blonde: www.marilynforeverblonde.com.

Marilyn: Forever BlondeMarilynPostcard ckJanuary 9 – 11, 2014
Tickets: $: $30/ $25 if purchased before opening night
Days & Times: Thu, Fri & Sat: 8pm,
Fri & Sat: 2pm
The Mizner Park Cultural Arts Center, Studio Theatre, 2nd Floor
201 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone:  866-811-4111
Group Sales: 561-948-2601
Tickets available online at: www.brtg.org or by calling 866-811-4111


Critical praise for Marilyn: Forever Blonde and Sunny Thompson:

“It is a haunting image that Sunny Thompson creates. Every nuance, every
eye blink, every gorgeous gown and her walk is Marilyn. This is truly one of
the greatest performances of the modern stage. Thompson has the same
magnetic presence that Monroe had and is astounding in this role. The
production is exemplary. The set is gorgeous with exquisite design elements.” ~San Francisco Online Daily News

“The delectable Sunny Thompson has the strange allure of Monroe down to
a tee, you can’t take your eyes off her!” ~ The London Times

I was constantly mesmerized by Sunny. I could hardly believe it was a
show…It actually brought tears to my eyes…Sunny Thompson could win every
know award for this masterpiece performance.” ~ Mr. Blackwell, Hollywood

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